You booked your branding session... Now what?

If you're panicked over what to wear, what to bring, or what to do, don't be! I know it's easier said than done, but the simple answer is to bring whatever you use/ do to the space. When Lori reached out about her branding session for her pizza catering company, Charitable Pie, we brainstormed trying to figure out how to make her branding shoot website and instagram worthy. We ended up deciding that taking photos of her actually making the pizzas would be absolutely perfect.

I hopped on a plane to Arizona and we did the dang thing!!! I took photos of her in every step of her process + got some cute headshots too. Every session we have done since has been just as fantastic as the first!

So heres my tips.

  1. Wear clothes that follow a similar vibe or what you typically wear while doing your your thing
  2. Bring some (or all) of your equipment or little things that make your job a little easier. It can be anything from your agenda to a pair of scissors.
  3. Show your brands identity. Logos, brand colors, and values are all important into giving your brand its feel
  4. Create a list of any of your must have photos/ poses

Past that, a few other things we want to showcase in your photos is your process from start to finish, your client experience, your workspace/location, behind the scenes, & your life outside of work. All of these things will make your brand feel personable! :)