Hi I'm Morgan,

but my friends call me Mo! I'm a Kentucky based, traveling, wedding & elopement photographer. Back in 2021, I dropped out of college to do this full time. It has provided the most amazing opportunities and led me to meet some of the sweetest people I have ever met! I truly believe this is the most rewarding job of all time, and I couldn't be any more thankful.

Meeting my couples and hearing their stories, is my favorite part of it all. Knowing my clients trust me to capture the most important moments of their lives, fills my heart like no other.

At your session we will be using tons of movement along with some classic poses as well. I'll guide you the entire time, but also want to get all the fun candid shots. Your wedding or session is about your love stories and capturing them in their most authentic form, so weather thats taking your photos at the place you met or in a wide open field, I'm down for it!!!


21 years ago, I was born in Battle Creek, MI but shortly after moved to KY! I grew up in the horse industry, but did ballet for over 10 years. Outside of those, I rode my bike, dug in the dirt, and helped tend to the garden.

Praising the Lord is such an important part of my life. I grew up in the church and it has forever impacted me in all the best ways!

I have the sweetest boyfriend named Landen and we have a black lab named Milo who is the goodest boy in the world!! We live in the cutest little farm house and love making dinner together every night. We are total homebodies but love spending time with our friends and family!

Fun facts

-I love rainy days
-I'm not a fan of coffee so tea is my go to
-You can find me in an oversized sweatshirt or pajamas more than I'd like to admit
-Slippers are my go to shoe
-I prefer savory over sweet
-If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Scotland
-Black and white pictures will always be my favorite
-My favorite colors are sage green, pink, and burgundy :)